Acquiring Storage Units For Collectible Items

Want An Indoor Storage Unit? 4 Things To Prioritize For Optimal Accessibility

A storage unit can solve your storage problems when you run out of space in your home. While renting a unit is usually simple and easy, you may want to ensure you pick a suitable unit and facility. An excellent example is demanding a storage facility with indoor units because you might want climate-controlled storage for comfort and item protection.

When you are also interested in optimal accessibility, you can prioritize certain features and qualities to guarantee this experience with your storage unit rental. 


A great place to start is transportation. This can begin with the parking, which you want to be right outside the storage building entrances to ensure quick and easy access. Another detail worth prioritizing is a smooth and paved walkway from the parking lot to the facility entrance.

Unfortunately, a bumpy and uneven surface can make it difficult to use a furniture dolly or hand truck because they may not roll smoothly. After covering the outside, you can look at the inside for a spacious freight elevator that allows you to fit the items you intend on storing.


When you go through the process of storing items, you may walk up and down the storage building hallways dozens of times. A smart move is to check out the dimensions for these hallways because narrow ones may bring some challenges to storing your possessions. An ideal setup is finding oversized hallways where you can bring oversized furniture down comfortably.


While you may feel comfortable renting a unit on an upper floor, you can prioritize bottom-floor units for optimal accessibility. A bottom-floor unit eliminates the need to take an elevator, saving you a bit of time and effort on every trip you take storing or removing items.

One way you can take it even further is by paying attention to the unit's specific location within a storage building. For instance, you may find an available unit next to the entrance, eliminating the need to walk down a long hallway to reach your storage unit and belongings.

Unit Door

Inspecting the units themselves can also help you improve accessibility. A storage unit's door will determine how easy or difficult it is to put items inside. An oversized door makes it easy because you may not need to maneuver furniture and oversized items strategically.

Use these tips to find an indoor storage unit with optimal accessibility. Reach out to a service provider to learn more about self-storage units.