Acquiring Storage Units For Collectible Items

Choosing And Organizing A Storage Unit For The Things You Don't Have Space For

A storage facility can be an excellent way to keep things safe and secure that you do not currently have space for at home. The storage facility may offer several different unit sizes, and choosing one with added security or climate control features could be beneficial to the things in the unit.

Choosing A Storage Facility

When you need a storage facility, you can often find one in a nearby town or city that offers different levels of security for your belongings. A facility that offers indoor units all housed inside one main building can be beneficial because anyone breaking into a storage unit has to get through the doors coming into the facility first, then into the storage units to get to anything inside. 

Most storage businesses that offer units with outside access do fence in the yard, but often it is much easier to get to the individual units on these properties. If the storage facility has a security camera system and an all-night attendant, the security can increase considerably with the outdoor units.  

Climate Control

The type of storage unit you choose can change with the things you plan to store inside. If you are storing items sensitive to temperature changes, you may need to consider a climate-controlled unit in a building where temperature and humidity stay constant all year. 

Things like art paintings, photographic archives, and old prints will benefit from a climate-controlled storage facility. The stability of the conditions inside the storage unit reduces the potential for damage to these sensitive items and may even help preserve them longer.

Preparing Your Storage Unit For Use

When you rent a new storage unit, take some time to make it work for you. Sweep the entire storage unit out and check for any rodent droppings that might indicate mice in the facility. Mice can do a lot of damage, so if you see any evidence of them, it is an excellent idea to let the manager know so they can trap and remove them or have an exterminator get rid of them.

Put down some pallets on the floor, or add selves inside the unit to give you a place to stack boxes or storage tots. If water gets inside, you need to ensure everything stays dry, and the best way to ensure that happens is to keep it off the floor. 

Organizing the layout of the space is also beneficial, especially if you are going to come in and out regularly to add or remove items from the storage unit. Taking the time to mark all your boxes or containers, organize them in groups, and lay them out so you can get in and out of the unit when necessary can help make storing your things more efficient.  

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