Acquiring Storage Units For Collectible Items

The Top Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Commercial Storage

How can your small business benefit from a commercial storage space? You may not have the budget for a warehouse, but your small business office area might already be overflowing with documents, furniture, and more. If you're not sure whether to rent an off-site unit or not, take a look at the top reasons to consider commercial self-storage solutions.

Your Business Has Extra Products

Does your small business sell a product? Whether you create custom t-shirts, cosmetics, musical instruments, furniture, art, or anything else, you may have too many products stashed inside of your office space. Instead of filling closets to the max or risking damage with improper office storage options, consider an off-site rental. Commercial storage units provide a clean, open space to keep your products and any other overflow.

Your Business Has Too Many Documents

Are files, folders, and papers cluttering your office? Not only can the clutter get in the way of your office's flow, but it also looks unprofessional and could lead to potential losses. If your filing system is out of control, explore the self-storage options. Instead of moving furniture and other items into storage, use a rental for just your documents. As your office load increases and the paper piles up, gradually move documents you won't need daily (or often) to an off-site facility. This frees up space for contracts, memos, and anything else you should have on hand.

Your Business Items Need Climate Controls

Do you need climate controls for your products, documents, or other for-storage items? Some types of products (such as leather goods, wooden furniture, artwork, or photos) require an even temperature and humidity level. Like these items, paper documents, extra office furniture, and electronics are also sensitive to the overall indoor temperature/humidity. Consistent cold and extreme warmth can cause warping or cracking. High humidity levels can also result in similar types of damage or support mold growth.

If your small business has items that require climate controls, talk to the storage facility manager about the thermostat/temperature and moisture settings before you rent a unit. Climate controls are set by the storage facility, creating a medium-range temperature and humidity level. This means your items will stay safe in storage—but it won't allow you to control the settings yourself.

Your Business Is Ready To Move

Did you recently rent a new office space? Will you open a second location soon? If your small business is moving, a storage unit can help. You can use the rental to temporarily store some items during the move or to keep everything safe while you remodel a new building or office space.