Acquiring Storage Units For Collectible Items

Should You Invest More In A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

While the decision to rent a storage unit may be an easy one when looking for a solution to your storage needs, choosing between a non-climate controlled unit and a unit that offers climate and/or humidity controls can be a bit more difficult. In many cases, this is because a climate-controlled storage unit will typically cost more than a standard unit. Consequently, individuals only want to spend the extra cash if their storage needs truly require the use of a climate-controlled unit. If you are unsure whether or not your storage needs require these amenities, taking the time to answer the questions outlined below can help you to make the right decision for your specific needs. 

Does Your Local Area Experience Severe Temperature Swings?

While some parts of the country experience relatively moderate temperatures all year round, other areas see wild temperature swings. If your local area experiences triple-digit heat in the summer and temperatures below freezing in the winter, these extreme temperature differences can result in damage to items that are stored in a standard non-climate controlled storage unit for a prolonged period of time. In cases such as this, investing in a climate-controlled unit will be well worth the extra cost. 

Will You Be Storing Wood Furniture Or Other Wooden Items?

Wood is quite vulnerable to moisture damage as this natural material will expand and contract with changing temperatures. This allows moisture in the air to get into the wood grain and causes swelling, rotting, and other types of damage. This is why it is always good to choose a climate-controlled storage unit when storing items that are made from solid wood. Some other items that are exceptionally vulnerable to damage as a result of fluctuating temperatures or humidity levels include:

Will Your Storage Unit Be Accessed Frequently?

Humidity levels and extreme temperatures can easily build up inside a storage unit that is not opened on a frequent basis. This is because most standard units are meant to be air and water tight in order to help limit the risk of rodents and other pests making their way inside. Consequently, the unit must be opened on a fairly regular basis to allow fresh air inside. Climate-controlled units do not have this requirement since air is constantly being circulated in order to maintain a consistent internal temperature.

How Much Time Do You Plan On Spending Inside Your Storage Unit?

While some people simply spend a few minutes inside their storage unit collecting the items they need or dropping off items they wish to store, others spend considerably more time inside their unit. For instance, individuals who use their storage unit to store inventory for their business may find themselves spending several hours each week inside their storage unit. For these individuals, the use of climate control will not only be essential to preventing damage to their stored items but for their personal comfort as well.

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