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Should You Choose Open Or Enclosed Storage For Your Vehicle?

When it comes to putting your automobile in vehicle storage, you have a few options: you can choose open storage or you can put your car in an enclosed space. You can rent vehicle storage from your local storage facility that allows vehicle placement. You should be able to have access to your car anytime you wish or during the normal business hours at the vehicle storage facility you choose.

Which option is best for you? Use this guide to help you determine if you want open or enclosed storage for your vehicle.

Open vehicle storage

Open vehicle storage can work well for your automobile if you just need to store your car off your property and you don't need your vehicle to be in an enclosed space. Open outdoor vehicle storage is beneficial to you because it gives you an open space to access your car anytime you wish and you don't have to worry about storing your vehicle somewhere else on your property and can free up space at home.

As a bonus, open vehicle storage is also cheaper than enclosed storage.

Enclosed vehicle storage

Do you have a newer vehicle that you want to keep safe from the weather? Are you wanting to keep a classic car in safer storage than you have at home? If safety and protection is your goal with vehicle storage, then choose a vehicle storage facility that features enclosed storage. An enclosed storage unit is one that has a door to it that your vehicle can be backed into; essentially, enclosed vehicle storage is similar to a traditional storage unit.

You can select enclosed vehicle storage in a climate-controlled unit so your vehicle's fluids and tires are protected against winter chill, or you can choose a traditional enclosed vehicle storage unit that meets your needs. All enclosed vehicle storage units have a car size limit, so choose the size of unit that is best for your vehicle's dimensions.

If you want to have a storage unit that is not quite enclosed but doesn't leave your vehicle out in the plain open, consider a covered vehicle storage unit. This is a storage space that has an overhead canopy for mildly protecting your vehicle against rain and snow. You can upgrade to an enclosed vehicle storage unit at any time or leave your vehicle as-is on your month-to-month contract. What you'll pay at a vehicle storage facility will vary based on the size of your vehicle and the type of vehicle storage you ultimately choose.

For more information, contact a vehicle storage facility in your area.