Acquiring Storage Units For Collectible Items

Want To Turn A Vacation Rental Into A Full-Time Rental? Rent A Storage Unit Right Away

Owning a vacation rental is an excellent way to generate income while also maintaining flexibility with your obligations. But even though you may like the breaks that come in between guests, you may want to turn the vacation rental into a full-time rental for more reliable income. This is also a smart decision if the house is not located in an area that tourists frequent often.

If you want to start generating income with your property as a full-time rental, you should make it a priority to rent a storage unit as quickly as possible.

Store All the Furnishings

A vacation rental needs to be furnished and decorated for your guests to enjoy, but this is not something that you will want or need to provide to those you are renting to full-time. While you can list it as a furnished rental, more people will like that they can furnish the rental on their own.

You will need to take measurements to determine how much space you require in a storage unit. An ideal situation is to find storage facilities with numerous sizes available; then you can downgrade to a smaller unit if you decide that you no longer want to keep some items inside.

Renting a large unit in the beginning is helpful because it will prevent you from having to go through items to determine what you want to sell, donate, keep, or throw away beforehand.

Get the Listing Ready

As soon as you clear out the rental property, you can begin getting the rental listing ready. If you think that you have an impressive setup of furniture and decorations, you may want to take a few pictures with the space fully furnished to show renters how it can look when set up properly.

A storage unit is also helpful for any tenant that decides they want to bring along their own appliances. For instance, they may have a washer and dryer already and want to use theirs.

Maximize Profits

If you were to hold a few garage sales and list all your items for sale online, you might find yourself waiting weeks or months to clear everything out of the rental. Even though you will have to spend money to rent a storage unit, you will have an excellent chance to maximize your profits. This is because you can start collecting monthly rent in a matter of days after putting items in storage.

Renting a storage unit is smart when you are turning a vacation rental into a full-time rental.