Acquiring Storage Units For Collectible Items

How Charities Can Benefit From Self-Storage

If you run a charitable organization and haven't started using self-storage facilities yet, then you don't know what you are missing. Here are some of the ways in which your organization can benefit from self-storage:

Reducing Storage Expenses

Most charitable organizations want to minimize the number of resources they spend on day to day expenses and instead channel as much money as possible to their worthy courses. Using a self-storage facility is one way of achieving this. For example, depending on the types of items you collect for your charity, you may be able to reduce the square footage in your premises and use self-storage facilities exclusively. This is possible because self-storage units tend to be cheaper than using conventional buildings for storage.

Helping With Seasonal Storage

Some charitable organizations don't hold collections throughout the year but have specific collection days. Maybe you collect winter clothes during the cold season or hold collections when you are nearly ready to distribute the items to those who need them. If this is the case, then you don't need a conventional storage place that you have to pay for all year round. Instead, you can just wait for the collection season and use self-storage units for the duration.

Coping With a Surge in Donations

Even if you use conventional storage, there may come a time when you receive too many donations for your usual storage place. For example, even those who usually don't donate items for charity do so after a natural disaster increases the number of those who need donations. When a serious flood rages through a town, for example, the number of people who need help in the town rises and the number of donations to help them also rises. If you are involved in such kind of work, you can rent temporary storage facilities to help you store the extra donations.

Coping With Temporary Storage Needs

It is not practical to have offices and storage rooms in every place you operate on. However, you may need storage in such places, for example, for holding your donations temporarily before distributing them to those who need them. Self-storage facilities may also help you with such temporary storage.

As you can see from the above discussions, self-storage will help your organization in more ways than one. Just make sure the facilities you plan to use are secure enough so that you don't lose your storage items to vandals and thieves. Contact a facility, like Afford It Mini Storage, for more help.